Prize winners: ALNOCERA Concretto and ALNOSTAR PLAN oxide grey

ALNO has asserted its position as a winner in the competition with the best names on the design scene. ALNO won twice at the German Design Award 2016.

Trend colour grey

ALNOCERA appealed to the "German Design Council" both for its high-quality ceramic material and for the colour Concretto, and won the German Design Award "Winner" 2016 in the category "Excellent Product Design – Kitchen".

ALNOSTAR PLAN oxide grey claimed the German Design Award "Special Mention" 2016 for itself. It also takes up the current trend for shades of grey with its surface in a melamine decor and supports it with colour accents in steel blue.

The German Design Award was initiated in 2012, and is already one of the most highly regarded design competitions in the world. It is the international premium award of the German Design Council, whose aim is to discover, present and acknowledge unique design trends. Every year it is presented to top-calibre products and projects in the field of product and communication design, all of which are pioneers, in their own way, in the international design landscape.

German Design Award Winner 2016

German Design Award Special